Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking Forward to Monday

My graduate class assignment this week allowed me to reflect on my classroom management techniques. There are three aspects to classroom management that I try to implement in my classroom. The three areas include routine, a positive atmosphere, and personal responsibility. I feel that I have been successful with two of the three areas of focus in my management. I have been successful with routine and personal responsibility. I am very consistent in my classroom with the pace of my lessons, homework, test schedules, and grading style. I also feel very strongly about teaching junior high students personal responsibility. I try very hard to work toward an appropriate level of personal responsibility, depending on the development of each student. Now, I know there is always room for improvement in my routine and teaching personal responsibility, however the biggest area of growth for me is creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom. The next three days I am going to work hard to have fun, smile, encourage, collaborate, and help each student find success. If I succeed in creating a more positive atmosphere by the end of this week, I think I will find myself looking forward to Monday rather than looking forward to the weekend.

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  1. This is nice to read. I hope your Monday was enjoyable. As a principal who's working with a grade level of students right now who respond differently to traditional classroom management techniques, it seems as though the best, and most obvious, form of classroom management involves whole-group, positive reinforcement. We are looking forward to continuing to develop an atmosphere of caring in the classrooms. What's better than that to help our children learn??