Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Benefits of a SMART Board

This article was written for Zion Lutheran Church's quarterly newsletter "The Visitor"

Within a classroom a variety of learners sit in their desks. The class is split between visual, auditory, and tactile learners. In addition to the different learning styles, the students have different abilities. And finally, the students have different interests. With all of these students, one teacher must mesh all of the diversity together into one effective learning environment. A SMART Board is a tool that can help a teacher to do this successfully.

Over the past two years, Zion Lutheran School has been blessed by being able to purchase 11 SMART Boards for our classrooms. A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that allows users to touch, write on, and view images that are being projected from a computer. This tool that can provide a teacher with many options for instruction and give great variety to lessons. Some of the benefits of SMART Boards in the classroom include:

  • Lessons can be created to easily include videos, music, graphics, games, and interactive activities.
  • Teachers can model a variety of effective note taking methods.
  • Teachers AND students can use technology to collaborate with others in the classroom or all over the world. The SMART Board can assist with many types of collaboration.
  • Teachers can print or email a lesson to a student who is absent and missed class.
  • Lessons can be created to provide an effective flow and sequence with prepared leading and discussion questions.
  • Many different graphic organizers (tables, charts, and Venn diagrams) can be used to categorize ideas, concepts, and data.

Technology integrated into instruction can take a classroom, bounded by four walls, and open it up to the world. SMART Boards are one example of how we can integrate technology into education and are one step toward technology having a positive impact in the classrooms of Zion Lutheran School.

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  1. This a great post, Kevin! My favourite line: "Technology integrated into instruction can take a classroom...and open it up to the world." Fantastic! The key there is definitely the integration of technology into instruction -- you hit the nail right on the head. :)

  2. Great post! You hit it in the first paragraph with the variety of learners in our rooms. I presented on this very topic a few years back. Here's my presentation wiki - might be of interest.

  3. Thank you for sharing your school's experience with SMARTboards. I love that you place the focus on the SMARTboard being the tool and the teacher being the one to take advantage and transform the classroom with it.