Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#edchat Tuesdays - Day 2 of Tweet Week

Each day this week I am choosing one tweet that has an effect on my work as an educator. The choice for the focus today was an easy decision. The following tweet is from @ShellTerrel:

RT @jswiatek: The archive is available for today's (5/4 1800CET, 12 PM EDT) at
http://bit.ly/9HKFD4 #teachertuesday

The archive being referred to is the weekly #edchat discussion that takes place on Twitter every Tuesday at 12 PM EDT. The #edchat discussion is a great way for educators to gather together and hold a conversation about a current issue in education. Here are some of the reasons that I have found #edchat to be beneficial to me.
  1. #edchat is a good professional development opportunity. Twitter in general is great for professional development. However, the weekly #edchat discussions have given me an opportunity to set aside a specific time each week to learn from fellow educators on Twitter. I am thankful that I have most of the #edchat hour free to participate.
  2. #edchat is going to stretch your mind. I appreciate the opportunity that I have to think, consider, question, and form opinions regarding current issues in education.
  3. #edchat will help you to become a quicker thinker. I am impressed with the number of people who participate in #edchat, which in turn keeps the conversation moving very quickly. You are going to have to read, and think, very quickly to keep up with the conversation.
  4. Although the main #edchat discussion occurs on Tuesday, the conversation continues throughout the week. It is common to see tweets with the #edchat hashtag for hours and days after the scheduled #edchat times, which is an indication of the power of the #edchat conversations.
I recommend #edchat for all educators on Twitter. I have found it to be a great way to connect, interact, and learn from educators around the world.

In what ways has #edchat been beneficial to you? What was your favorite #edchat discussion?

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