Friday, May 7, 2010

Instant Events - Day 4 of Tweet Week

The fourth post of Tweet Week highlights a tweet from @mashable for the second day in a row.

@mashable: Times Square Evacuation As Seen by Twitter Users [PICS] -

Clicking on the link will take you to the Mashable website where you will see 6 pictures from the evacuation of New York City's Times Square on Friday, May 7. This was the second evacuation of Times Square in one week. From the Mashable website:

Much like the car bomb scare that took place last Saturday night, Twitter users in the area are quick to the scene, snapping some surreal photos of one of America’s most trafficked landmarks completely empty.

Since it’s in the middle of the work day, many of the photos come from high up offices, painting an even clearer picture of what an abandoned Times Square looks like.

If you want instant updates for just about anything going on in the world, Twitter is the place to go. These 6 images give you an immediate visual about the massive undertaking and the eery sight of an evacuated Times Square. 16 months ago, one of the most popular tweets of all time was an immediate image of passengers being rescued on January 15, 2009 from US Airways flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson River in New York City. This is another example of how Twitter can be used to provide immediate news and information updates. Finally, just this week, Twitter provided me with access to immediate information about why my Google Calendar crashed and about my beloved Chicago Cubs recalling their number 1 prospect Starlin Castro.

Is it any wonder that newspapers all over the world are stopping publication and advertising sales on TV and printed media are plummeting. The 10:00 news and the morning newspaper are what we used to consider current events. Today, it is Twitter and the real-time web that gives us instant events.

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