Monday, May 3, 2010

School Promotion - Day 1 of Tweet Week

The first post this week about how Twitter has enhanced my professional life began yesterday with the following tweet:
RT @ozge: Is the iPad Fit for School? - #ipad /via @ianw91

This tweet led me to an website, which contained a link to an additional article about how the 140 Character Conference last month explored how Twitter can be used in the classroom. (Click HERE for the article). The following paragraph in the article struck me as one way that I can use Twitter to help promote my school:
In another session, New Jersey principal Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) explained how he uses Twitter to get the word out about the great activities taking place at New Milford High School. Since he started tweeting in February, 2009, some 14 news stories have been written about his school use of the Twitter as an educational tool by both students and teachers.

In addition to following Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), I have also been following Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell). Both Eric and Shelly have recently passed the 1 year anniversary of their start on Twitter. I am amazed at the amount of followers and the influence that both Eric and Shelly have accumulated through Twitter. Eric's success with Twitter is something I respect, and so I looked for ways today to "get the word out" about my school just like he has done. Throughout the day I paid close attention to classroom newsletters, the school newsletter, my email, and conversations with teachers and parents. I was searching for ways to promote my school in the same way that Eric describes in the previous paragraph. The tweets that I sent out today about Zion are below. They can also be found at Zion's Twitter page and my personal Twitter page.

zionbobcats Teacher Appreciation Day is tomorrow! How can you show appreciation for your teacher?

zionbobcats Nickels for Nails: Zion students will be collecting nickels, dimes, and quarters for Habitat for Humanity on Thu-Fri

zionbobcats Zion second graders to take a field trip to The Butterfly House on Wednesday.

Although these tweets will not result in 14 news stories like New Milford High School, I think continuing like this will help to promote some of the success stories at Zion. Have you ever Twitter to promote your school? If not, maybe now is the time.

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