Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Championship Moments

One week ago today, the Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. Many avid hockey fans and knowledgeable analysts will argue that the Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy to win in all of sports. The organization would probably agree as they went almost a half century without holding up the Cup. I have been a Chicago sports fan my entire life and have been fortunate enough to see seven other championships. I remember the Chicago Bears rallying the entire city together by winning their first and only Super Bowl when I was just seven years old. The lasting image in my memory from that Super Bowl win was when head coach Mike Ditka was carried triumphantly across the field on his players shoulders. Then, as a teenager, I witnessed one of the greatest dynasties in sports history when Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to an impressive six championships in eight years. I have vivid memories of seeing Jordan clutching the champagne drenched trophy close to his body while crying in front of all the cameras, reporters, and teammates. Any celebration of a championship is a memorable moment. However, the Stanley Cup celebration might be the most impressive celebration moment. The exact moment that I continue recalling in my mind from the Blackhawks championship are the seconds that took place immediately before Jonathan Toews raised the Cup above his head. Toews, the Blackhawks team captain, was invited up to the Stanley Cup by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. The two stood on each side of the most coveted trophy in sports for the obligatory photographs. As the cameras flashed, Toews was very obviously twitching his legs and hands. He was extremely anxious to grab the trophy, lift it above his head, and skate around the ice with his teammates as NHL champions.

I sat in on my living room floor directly in front of the TV anxiously awaiting Toews to lift that trophy. When he grabbed the Stanley Cup and lifted it above his head, that was the moment all Blackhawks fans had been waiting for. That moment was the memory that will live on. Did you have a moment like that during the past school year? As a teacher, what did one of your students do that stands out as the moment, the lasting memory of this school year? As an administrator, what did one of your teachers do that stands out as a defining moment, a lasting memory for the school year? What was your championship moment?

UPDATED JULY 5, 2010 - Great read... "Reflections from 2009-2010" Mr. Gonzalez goes gradeless this year in his science class. Read about the experiment in his reflective blog post.


  1. I'm the guy that pushes tech in my school. My best moment was when I walked into a teacher's classroom and saw her using Discovery Streaming. In the past she had not shown any interest in what technology could offer her but she found a tool that she could use. I felt like my building turned a corner that day.

  2. I was grabbing a snack from the school book store one day. Parents work the store doing lunch. One of the ladies working there introduced herself and thanked me for having such a huge impact on her daughters life. She told me that I had given her a sense of confidence that she had never had before. Now, this has been a tough year for me, and hearing that made it all worth it.