Monday, June 21, 2010

Google Resources

Resources for using Google in the classroom.

10 Google Forms for the Classroom

Sharing and Editing Options in Google Docs
From the Free Technology for Teachers website (posted June 18, 2010):
Google announced that they would be rolling-out the new version of the document editor to all users over the next couple of weeks. The new version includes real-time updates (no more refreshing to see what your collaborators have written), chatting with collaborators within your documents, margin settings, and floating images.

11 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products
From the Web Design Ledger website:
Think about all the tools you use each day to do your job. Chances are, more than one of them are made by Google. Google puts out great products that help us perform our daily tasks. Whether it be email, creating docs, or communicating with clients and colleagues, there seems to be a Google service for just about everything. But just like other tools and applications there are lots of features, which means more stuff to remember. So if you’re like me and have trouble memorizing things like keyboard shortcuts, we’re here to help. Here are 11 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Popular Google Products.

The Google Classroom
From The Google Classroom website:
There are many Google resources and applications that can be utilized in the classroom. (Here) you will find them organized into the following categories: Applications (downloads); Collaboration; Research Resources and Other Resources.

Google Apps in the Classroom [slideshow]
Slideshow and multiple resources/links for using Google in the classroom from Chad Kafka.

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