Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plant a Seed

Sunday Seed-scoveryWhat have I done today? It’s 3:00. It’s dismissal time, and what have I done today? I have read, wrote, and answered countless emails. I have taught students how to multiply rational expressions. I have helped put out a few small “fires” with teachers and their computers. The question, still comes up, what have I done today? I wished that second grader a happy birthday. I met with a parent in my office. I stopped into the preschool room just to say hello. I still wonder if I have done anything today?

This spring I will attempt to create another garden. I will plant a tomato seed, among others. That day will come and pass without much fanfare. I may even wonder what I have done today? I planted a seed! I accomplished a small task where the results of my efforts are not seen for months. Sometimes we will plant a seed and not see the results for years. Sometimes we will plant seeds and never see the results. We may never know the impact that seed has made.

What will I do today? I will plant a seed. So will you. Someday, maybe even today, it will make an impact.

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