Monday, December 20, 2010

New Resolutions vs. Old Goals

10_0101 January Calendar, Joseph Readdy, uploaded December 31, 2009 via flickr, Creative Commons License

I regularly exercise at a health club near my house. The worst month to workout is January. The place is always packed that month. A lot of new people show up with great intentions of achieving their new resolutions for exercise or weight loss. We all do it. We all set new personal or professional goals in January. I will do it too, yet I am going to suggest another focus for my New Year’s resolutions.

I set professional goals for myself back in August. New beginnings, like the start of a school year or a start of a calendar year, are great times to set goals and resolutions. At this time however, I feel that the best thing for me is to review old goals before I make new resolutions. When January 1, 2011 rolls around, I will limit my new resolutions so that I can take time to revisit my old goals. The idea is I want to achieve as many goals as possible before I set new goals. It is easy to just set goals, and not as easy reach my goals. Don’t let your “goals to reach” list get too much longer than your “goals reached” list.

Which goals do you want to revisit in the new year?

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