Sunday, February 20, 2011

METC 2011 - Literacy is Not Enough

Think outside the box of your classroom

The world of education is changing. How do we keep up with all of the change? We need to think long term and we need to think outside the box.

Thinking long term begins with answering the question, what do students need? The point was made that we have been trying to define 21st century skills since the 21st century started, a decade ago. Lee Crockett said that it is time that we stop talking and start doing. According to Crockett, this means teachers need to get away from the stand and deliver instructional method and implement a project/process based learning program.

In my experiences, the stand and deliver method that Crockett mentioned is the easy way to go. It takes less planning, less training, and involves less risk. As we continue to focus on how students learn and retain information, we must also focus on assisting teachers. We must help teachers by giving them sufficient planning time as well as opportunities to collaborate with and observe other teachers. Teachers must also be encouraged to try new methods and take risks. Risks and mistakes cannot be avoided if learning is going to take place, for both teachers and students.

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