Saturday, February 19, 2011

METC 2011 – Trends, Tactics, and Tools for 21st Century Learning

The stories from Kevin Honeycutt in the Trends, Tactics, and Tools for 21st Century Learning session will make most people want to get in the classroom and become a facilitator of learning. If you ever have the chance to listen to Kevin speak, take advantage of that opportunity. The session was full of examples of digital and technology tools that are available for implementing in instruction. However, it was not the tools that engaged the participants in the room. The specific examples of how those tools were used were motivating, engaging, and exciting to listen to.

Oftentimes the discussions in conferences and over twitter focus on the tools that we have available to us in education. This session made you think of the possibilities of specific activities and projects that can take place in the classroom. A common theme I heard throughout the METC conference was the way other educators are taking risks in the classrooms. Many of us know about the tools that are available to us, but many of us then struggle with how exactly to implement them in the classroom. Kevin Honeycutt took risks and let his students explore and discover. In what ways can you explore and discover in your classroom today? In what ways can you encourage yours students to explore and discover in their learning today?

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