Monday, February 14, 2011

METC 2011 - Web 2.0 Tools Smackdown

The one thing that I am constantly amazed at with Web 2.0 tools is the opportunities these tools present for collaboration. We spent some time learning about tools for sharing, scheduling, data/information collection, archiving, and creating. Most of the tools that were introduced had some kind of collaboration aspect to them (Dropbox, When is Good, Google Forms, Evernote, Flisti, Weebly, etc.) Using Web 2.0 tools will allow students to collaborate within their own classroom and with other students/classrooms from all over the world.

We also spent time discussing the necessities of educators having an online presence. Again, the benefits and necessity of an online presence revolve around collaboration. Your online presence will give you the opportunity for people to get to know you. It will give you the opportunity to share your ideas or resources that you are using. As of right now, I see twitter as the best way to develop your professional online presence. The opportunities for collaboration, sharing, and learning continue to be a great benefit to me and other educators.

Collaborating even took place among the participants in this session. The depth that these tools offer presented opportunities for the participants to add to the presenters information. There were a handful of times where a presenter was participating a tool, and a participant would add some details about the tool and how they are using it in the classroom.

The session concluded with some amazing video/audio/animation tools. Here is a direct link to all of the video/audio/animation resources that they shared.

Gina Hartman, Andrea Blanco, and Gwyneth Jones did a nice job with the presentation. All of the resources demonstrated at the session can be found on their Learning Tools SMACKDOWN wiki.

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  1. Thank you for your reflections - it was awesome learning with you! Please consider posting that Blabberize you created - it was casual & fun!