Friday, February 11, 2011

Too much tweeting?

twitterI missed an opportunity a few weeks ago. It was a Friday morning and I happened to find some good resources that I decided to send out on twitter. I also engaged in some conversations over twitter about leadership and learning. A few people who follow me commented about the high number of tweets I was sending out that morning. I was given an opportunity to talk about how much I was learning from a few other educators from all over the country, and I didn’t do it. Instead, I questioned myself and wondered if I was actually tweeting too much. Can you tweet too much? I am sure it is possible, but tweeting too much should be defined by the quality of your tweets rather than the quantity. If you are sending out quality resources, if you are engaged in good conversations, you are not tweeting too much. If you are learning, you are not tweeting too much.

Keep on tweeting! Keep on learning!

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  1. I'm not sure I completely agree. People seem to want to try and define and categorize twitter in very specific ways. People use it in all types of ways. If you took a sampling of my tweets they would seem pretty invaluable. Lots of silliness, lots of personal trivia, lots of nonsense. But in the same way I build relationships in face to face, I use very similar techniques. in the same way that many people don't value small talk, chit chat and personal stories, not everyone sees that value and not everyone would want to follow me on that basis. I don't have problem with that. People are free to follow and use twitter however they choose.

    But for me, many of the people I share these seemingly useless bits of information, have become my friends. Not like facebook friends but friends in the old school sense. I've got out of my way to meet them, they've done the same for me. They've been to my house, I've been to them. i care about their kids and life.

    I know that you're trying to encourage folks to feel free to tweet away but the emphasis need not be always on discussions of learning. That's great and I've also benefited greatly as a professional because of the sharing of resources and ideas that take place there. But at the same time, it's a place for me to hang out with friends and sometimes that's good enough.

    I'll leave you with this image as well.