Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Every Child Know They Are Loved

The following video was shared by Peter Reynolds during the second general session at the 2011 ASCD Annual Conference.

This is a good reminder of how we can stifle the creativity of our students and our teachers. Reynolds gave a strong message of the benefits of a creative classroom and of knowing your students and encouraging their creativity.

Reynolds gave 6 essentials for promoting a creative classroom.
1 - Creative classrooms are full of color, music, art, and nooks, or areas, for learning.
2 - Students need to be given the invitation, the blank page, to be creative.
3 - Students must be given the tools to express their creativity.
4 - Time and Freedom: Dive more deeply into learning and creativity
5 - Leadership must be visionary, enlightened, and engaged.
6 - Love: Let every child know they exist and they matter.

How effective are you in promoting creativity in your classroom or in your school? Are you a creative person? Do you believe this video is a reflection of your creativity?

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