Monday, April 25, 2011

Positive Thinking is as Important as the Curriculum

I was able to enjoy a very good special on the late Chicago Cubs legend Ron Santo during a rain delay on Friday. Santo was a great 3rd baseman in Chicago for 15 years and then was a Cubs broadcaster on the radio for over 20 years. Santo is highly respected as a player for having great success while playing his whole career with diabetes. In this TV special, Santo talked about how he has dealt with the adversity in his life such as a double leg amputation as a result of his diabetes. He made the following comment, “positive thinking is as important as the medicine.”

Are you a positive thinking principal? I have been fortunate that my entire career has been spent in a school that has an atmosphere of positive thinking as soon as you walk through the doors. Is positive thinking promoted with your teachers and students as soon as they walk into the building? I have not done any research about positive thinking and I have no data to back any theories up, but I am confident that positive thinking is going to help our schools, our teachers, and our students. In regards to education, I think Santo would say, “positive thinking is as important as the curriculum.”

APPLICATIONS FOR ADMINISTRATORS: Commit to promoting a climate of positive thinking. Encourage teachers to think positively by modeling positive thinking yourself. Positive thinking can include optimism that all students can learn, celebrating student and teacher success, having fun, and encouraging creativity.

Image: Ron Santo, TR Roberts, Uploaded via Flickr March 1, 2007, Creative Commons License

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  1. Great reminder Kevin. We have to be cognizant of our thinking and the impact it can have on others.