Friday, August 26, 2011

A Caring Chameleon

In reference to leadership, someone told me this week, “People don’t care if you are smart: they just want you to care about them.” That statement is an example of how I am constantly reminded that good leadership is centered on service and building relationships. As a leader in a school, it is necessary to understand how you need to relate to each student, teacher, and parent.

Building relationships with people often requires that you adjust how you interact with individuals. This idea reminds me of how a chameleon may change colors to match their environment. We speak and act differently around children than we do around adults. Even among a group of adults, such as a staff of teachers, your interactions will vary from person to person. It is possible to interact in different ways with people, to build relationships, and to be genuine. As a leader the key to being genuine is to make sure you are caring for everyone, no matter how you are interacting with them.

“People don’t care if you are smart: they just want you to care about them.” The person who shared that with me is very smart! Well, maybe they are not smart; maybe they just really care for me.

Image: Happy chameleon, The Advocacy Project, Uploaded via Flickr, July 13, 2009, Creative Commons License

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  1. Nice to see you post again! Very well said, and good advice for everyone.