Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everyday Is School Picture Day

Each year, there is an awkward tilt of the head, a forced smile, and a bright flash. Today is school picture day, and almost 400 people at our school will have their photograph taken. Each flash of the camera is a permanent snapshot in time, a frozen moment that will last for countless years in yearbooks, school hallways, and on grandma’s living room wall. The camera has the power to capture one moment in time and make it last, whether it is some uncombed hair, a toothless grin, or some breakfast that landed on your shirt.

Educators have an opportunity for MULTIPLE snapshots each and every day. Whether you work with teachers or students, they capture gestures, comments, or smiles for years to come. Consider your interaction today with the individuals in your building. Maybe someone will need an uplifting word today instead of hearing what he or she did wrong. Perhaps a smile that a student receives upon entering your classroom is the first smile they see that day. It is possible that a student that experiences success will remember the thumbs up you sent their way for the rest of their life.

Everyday is school picture day. Take advantage of opportunities for positive snapshots.

Dad's school picture, Kim Scarborough, uploaded via flickr August 29, 2005, Creative Commons License

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