Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Resolutions vs Old Goals (2012 Version)

Last year I wrote a post comparing New Year's Resolutions to the goals we set back at the start of the new school year. You can view it HERE. The following is an update on that post which I wrote in my staff memo today.

I wonder what a comparison would look like between my “goals to reach list” and my “goals reached list.” I am sure that my “to reach list” is much longer that my “reached list.” It seems to me that we are constantly setting new goals, and often we do this before we have reached our previous goals. Throughout the year we have opportunities for a new beginning and setting new goals. January is an obvious time where we set new resolutions, June we may set goals for the summer, and August is another time where we make a new list for the beginning of the school year. Although I will not completely discourage anyone from setting New Year’s resolutions, I would encourage all of us to take a look back at some previous goals that you have set. Don’t forget about the goals you began reaching back in August. They might have been personal goals for your classroom, or the more formal goals that you set for yourself in your Professional Growth Plan. No matter what you do, the most important thing to do is to use goals and resolutions to work toward becoming a better professional educator. Each and every time we improve as teachers, Central Lutheran becomes a better school.

Image: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012, Koshy Koshy, uploaded via flickr December 28, 2011, Creative Commons License

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