Monday, October 28, 2013

Rise and Shine!

This is a quick blog post to describe what I saw walking into a classroom this morning. We had three days without school last week so our teachers could attend the LEA Convocation in Milwaukee. I was going through as many classrooms as possible first thing in the morning, and I walked into Mr. Wichman's classroom. He was in the middle of telling his students the following:

  1. He started by telling them that by Friday he was missing all of his students.
  2. He talked about how we need to Rise and Shine! We need to live out our faith each and every day as a response to the great gifts we have received.
  3. He also talked about the grace we receive, and how that grace is not cheap. 
This was minutes after this particular 8th grade had walked in for English class and he was immediately sharing his experience from the convocation with them. It was exciting to see the immediate application from a great experience last week. I'm very proud of our teachers at Central Lutheran School, and I look forward to seeing more ways that we can incorporate what we learned last week in our classrooms.

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